Use your internet connection to deliver high quality telephone calls for your office. No long term contracts or bulky hardware needed.

Using vtalk cloud you can get away from needing to have a bulky telephone system in your office. You only needs vtalk supplied handsets which can work on almost any internet connection anywhere in the world. You can appear like a single office even though your staff may be located all over the globe.

With vtalk cloud you can bring your existing phone numbers with you from almost any fixed line carrier (Telstra, Optus, PowerTel, iiNet, etc). It takes around a week to move most numbers, and once your number is with vtalk, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Everything you need.

Get everything you need for your growing business with vtalk cloud.

STARTING AT $39.95 / month. Get Started

No onsite PBX required

Using your internet connection, vtalk cloud delivers you enterprise grade telecommunications without needing anything more than just handsets. Control your costs and never worry about hardware failing again.

Save your business money

We're confident our call rates are going to save your business money compared to what you're currently paying. In some cases we've saved customers up to 80% on their current telco spend.

Military grade encryption

When you pickup your vtalk handset and make a call, all the data between you and our cloud servers is completely encrypted end to end. Your voice traffic on your local network is unable to be sniffed and your calls can't be tampered with.

Advanced features simplified

The feature set of vtalk cloud is really powerful. Get voicemails sent to email, set your calls to be automatically answered, specify automatic holiday routing and more. Using nothing more than your web browser you can simply and easily configure these settings anytime day or night.

Take control of your communications

The powerful and friendly web based interface for vtalk cloud means
you can make changes to your telecommunications in seconds
without needing to rely on complicated manuals or costly technicians.


Handset options

A selection of handsets available for you to choose from.

    • Snom 715
    • Great for general use. Features dual ethernet ports and USB for connecting to headsets. Also features 6 programmable keys.
    • $165.00
    • Snom 720
    • Great for busy people. Features dual ethernet ports and USB for connecting to headsets. Also features 18 programmable keys.
    • $265.00
    • Snom 760
    • Great for executives. Features dual ethernet ports and USB for connecting to headsets. Also features 12 programmable keys.
    • $315.00

Monthly fees and charges

vtalk cloud is sold in blocks of 10 extensions.

    • vtalk cloud
    • $39.95/month for the first 10 extensions
    • $29.95/month for each additional block of 10
    • One local number included
    • Call Charges
    • 10c untimed national calls
    • 13c/min mobile calls
    • 25c untimed 13/1300 calls
    • Other Charges
    • $4.95/month for each additional number
    • $99/month for 100 number range
    • $14.95/month for 1300 number rental


How long is the contract with vtalk?

There's absolutely no contracts with vtalk. All monthly pricing listed is month-to-month with no minimum commitment.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment is made via credit card with no surcharges. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

Depending on the number of staff at the one location you'll need at least 1Mbit of dedicated upload bandwidth on your internet connection to support an office of 5-10 people.

Do I need to make changes to my network?

In 99% of cases you won't have to touch a thing, just plugin the handsets supplied and you'll be up and making calls in minutes. If you get stuck, we're here to help.